Understanding Different Ingredients Of E-Liquids


E-liquids are a common commodity in today’s market. People are increasingly shifting from the traditional cigarettes to the new way of vaping the e-cigarettes. Apart from being the new fashion, e-cigarettes enable people to vape a wide variety of e-liquids to get a smooth experience. According to Mist E Liquid sales manager, vapers can enjoy up to hundreds of different types of e-liquids regarding flavors and nicotine strengths. The only limitation is the manufacturers’ imaginations. Therefore, it is important to understand the different ingredients involved so that one can know what to pick and what to leave.

Different ingredients in e-liquids

The base

fhghfghgfhfgfhMost of the manufacturer recommended food grade base. The commonly used two ingredients are Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Both ingredients are harmless to human health. It is popular to find some manufacturers use a blend of the two in various ratios to enhance the e-liquid. A standard ratio used is 80PG/20VG which is considered as a regular blend. It is also possible to find a 50PG/50VG in the markets today. These two bases are also used for food packaging and as an additive to medicine.

The nicotine

Nicotine is the ingredient which makes people feel the urge to either smoke or vape. It is an essential ingredient in the e-liquid to satisfy people’s desires of ‘feeling good.’ Therefore, manufacturers incorporate these ingredients in a variety of strengths to suit different people.

Popularly, the 0mg nicotine is referred to as non-nicotine for those who want to enjoy vaping without any addiction. It is suitable for beginners or people on the verge of quitting. The 12mg nicotine is the medium brand popular in the market today. Since it is neither too strong or too light, most people go for this especially those who have switched from ordinary smoking to vaping. The final strength is at 24 mg nicotine for the addicted people.

The flavors

fghfghgfhhfggfhgfhE-liquids are popularly known to come with distinctive different flavors people can enjoy. Th flavors range from vanilla to menthol. People can choose the one which suits them the best. It is also common to find the cocktail or blend of flavors depending on the creativity of the manufacturers and the customer’s preferences.


The introduction of the e-cigarettes has revolutionized the smoking concept to an extent people can now see sign posts with ‘vaping allowed.’ Therefore, this is a recommended move for those still smoking the old sticks