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Most effective Premature Ejaculation Prevention Techniques


Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction problem in men. It takes place when a man orgasm sooner than they would like during intercourse. A man may ejaculate in just a minute of penetration and is unable to delay ejaculation. Typically, a man takes about five minutes to ejaculate, and it can lead to frustration. However, there are specific strategies that a person can employ to delay ejaculation and achieve fuller stronger orgasms and a satisfying sex life.

Most effective Premature Ejaculation Prevention Techniques

Perform Kegels

kllklklklklklKegels involves squeezing the muscle used in peeing, PC muscle, just like you are stopping peeing mid-stream. Clench this muscle for about 10 seconds before releasing. For effective results perform three sets of the procedure at ten reps each day. Kegels help one gain control over when to ejaculate. They strengthen the pubococcygeus or PC muscle which then controls ejaculation. However, Kegels require commitment and consistency.

Stop-and-Start Sex Technique

The method involves humping and pumping several times until you are about to ejaculate then letting up. A person can stop by pausing the movement, squeezing the base of the penis or even pulling out entirely. You can even involve your partner as they lend a hand, the process reduces erection. Take a few second to recoup then move on to intercourse and try to prolong sex. At first, you should start the technique alone so that you can establish your point of no return. The Stop-and-Start Sex technique helps a man concentrate on the process as well as regain control of climax.

Deep Breathing

Taking deep breaths help a person calm their nervous systems thereby preventing premature ejaculation. Try inhaling through the nose, then keep the air in for three seconds before you start to exhale through the mouth slowly. Breathing helps oxygenate the blood which then stimulates the brain to release more endorphins, creating a sense of well-being and releasing stress and tension in the body. Start by deep breathing for about two to three times a day then makes it a habit to a deep breath frequently throughout the day.

Masturbate before sex

Another effective strategy is trying to masturbate two or three hours before sex. The two hour period allows enough time for you to recoup and be ready for sex again.

Wear (Special) Condoms

jkjkjkjkjkjjkjkWhile condoms tend to dull down sexual sensations they also help a person last longer during sex. There is a special climax control condom that is specifically designed for people with premature ejaculation problems. The condoms are laced with a substance known as benzocaine which acts as a numbing agent in reducing your sensitivity. The insides part of the condom features a desensitizer which downplays your sensations and helps you achieve mature ejaculations.