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Combining Work & Exercise for Your Health


Your health is important and should never be neglected, however, with the way people live nowadays the time spent on physical activities are diminishing. Most jobs are done sat at a desk for almost the entire day. Due to this rising trend, obesity and other illnesses relating to the lack of exercise are rising. However, with an under desk bike this problem can be avoided.

Riding a bike

We all learn to ride a bike when we are kids. It is probably the most fun aa02we have when growing up. But as adults, we know that bicycle riding is a great way of staying in shape and being healthy. The movements the body makes when riding works many of the major muscles in the body and can help keep our metabolism up and also burn fat.

What is an under desk bike?

It is an innovative invention that combines your daily work with the benefits of riding a bicycle. It is installed under your desk, and you can paddle away while doing your daily work on a computer or the telephone. Since it is similar to a stationary bike you find at the gym, the benefits are amazing. The mechanism under your desk will help you stay fit and burn fat even though you are not moving away from your desk. There are also some models that can generate power that is needed for your computer with the combined use of a dynamo.

Who can use it?

These contraptions have no age or gender specification and can be utilized by anyone who does not have any serious medical conditions. They have been installed in some colleges to help students not increase weight. If you are overweight and cannot find time to go to a gym or exercise, you too can get one of these fixed under your desk, and you will be exercising your body while you work.

aa01The benefits

The benefits of having this machine are similar to what you get from riding a regular bike. You will lose weight, gain a high metabolism; your alertness will increase as you will have more oxygen in your body and your joints will work well. You will also be able to build and tone your leg muscles in the process.


Always remember that there is no point working and making money if you are not in good health to enjoy it. Get an under desk bike, and you can enjoy your job and also stay healthy.