Seven things that affect your skin


The skin is the largest organ in the body and plays a significant role in protecting us from exposure to some harmful factors. Thus, it’s essential that we take care of our skin as a whole and not just the facial skin.

The following are some reasons that affect our skin.

Not getting sufficient sleep

Have you ever heard of the term beauty sleep? Well, it wasn’t coined in vain. During sleep, your skin repairs and rejuvenates from deep. That is the primary reason your face looks fresh and more rested after getting a good nights sleep. Not getting sufficient sleep often can lower the quality of your skin.

Drinking hard water

Hard water is known to contain some minerals and heavy metals that include calcium, iron just to mention a few. If you doubt this then check the scaling it causes on taps and faucets. Research shows that hard water can also lead to skin irritation. It’s recommended that you use filtered water when washing your face or body.


Using many skincare products

In an attempt to make their skin better, a majority of people use many skin care products and end up harming their skin instead. Some skincare products use ingredients like retinol that have been proven to cause skin irritation.

Avoid using several skin care products at once because you will cause more harm than good. Stick to skin products since they are simple and free of harmful chemicals.


Most people are not aware that stress is the primary cause of hormonal imbalance in our bodies. Furthermore, it can cause acne breakouts. Stress will also prevent your skin from repairing itself and weaken its protective surface mantle. So try to do what relaxes you and relieves your stress as much as possible.

Frequent facial waxing

Waxing is an exceptional way of getting rid of facial hair. However, experts recommend that you should avoid going for regular touch-ups. Exfoliating and stretching your skin can cause bumps and irritation.

Skipping meals

Most people skip meals for various reasons. What they don’t know is that it affects their skin. If you don’t get proper nutrients throughout the day, the chances are that your skin will become dry and parched in the end. Skipping meals every day will make you age fast. Instead of staying hungry you better take green food and avoid processed food like the plague. Always remember that what you eat will determine the condition of your skin.


Staying in AC all the time

Staying too much in an air-conditioned environment can rob your skin of its natural moisture. In the end, your skin will be dry, dehydrated and prone to breakouts. Set the temperature of your air conditioning unit just to make you feel comfortable. Avoid setting it too low to chill out the house. If you cant, avoid staying in an air-conditioned environment then ensure that you also use a humidifier to maintain the moisture levels in your skin and the environment as well.