Major reasons some women don’t get pregnant


You will find married couples who attempt everything for more than a year and absolutely nothing happens. This is often really discouraging, and that’s why many begin asking the question “why am I not getting pregnant?”. In fact, some of them are even asking if a woman can get pregnant from oral?

Most of the married couples can have a baby within six months to 1 year. Many of you’ll be able to get pregnant with the right support. You need to comprehend the main reason why you are not able to become pregnant and accordingly take measures.


Women are born with a set quantity of egg cell they could release during the life span. As the age grows the volume of eggs release, each menstrual period reduces along with the quality of the egg cell. Ideally, you should attempt to conceive before you turn 35.


Ovulation means eggs release during period. Women ovulate during the middle of the menstrual cycle. About one-third of the woman inability to conceive is caused by failure to release egg cell i.e. ovulation. This is usually due to hormone disproportion. Damage ovaries are another cause why you can’t ovulate.


267ujhIf there is any obstruction in the fallopian tube, then eggs will not be release to be fertilized by sperm. Fallopian tube obstruction can be caused by gonorrhea or chlamydia and other reasons. You should consult your doctor or general practitioner. If you have cervical stenosis, then cervix will be narrowed or become completely blocked preventing sperm from fertilizing egg. This can also reduce the amount of mucus, which is key for sperm to move to fertilize the egg.

FSH (Follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (Luteinizing hormone) are responsible for ovulation. If for various factors these hormones are not released in required volume then you have a problem with ovulation. Some of the reasons for hormonal imbalance tend to be bad eating routine, high level of emotional stress, as well as another health issue. Hormonal imbalance also can affect conception, for example, fertilise egg cell require progesterone to survive. If this hormone is not produced then, the egg may not live for very long, and you’ll possibly not be fertile.


337uhgFemale infertility may also occur because the woman is living with health problems, such as an ovarian cyst or polycystic ovary syndrome. Both issues are because cysts develop in places they shouldn’t be in the reproductive system, which is often hurtful for a woman.