Importance Of Drinking Water


It’s no news life cannot simply resist in the absence of water. We could not resist if our water supply were to be cut off. So, it is obvious the importance of drinking water should not be understated under any circumstances. But, irrespective of the fact that water is crucial for the mere maintenance of our lives, our drinking behavior can influence the quality of our lives and the state of our health.

A discussion on the benefits of drinking water should be extremely dense since more than two-thirds of our body weight consists of water. Moreover, something even more spectacular: lungs are 90% water and our very brain is 95% water. It’s no wonder we have to be extremely careful about the quality and the quantity of water we drink since we are virtually what we drink.

However, despite the numerous benefits of drinking water, we tend not to pay much attention to it; on the contrary, we are inclined to focus more on the quality of what we eat. Our negligence, our inattention to building some healthful drinking habits causes mild dehydration, which finally leads to chronic fatigue, dizziness, constipation, and what not.

Why drink water

Reduces cholesterol problems

erdfcgdvAnd these are just a few of the benefits of drinking water. I should also mention, for instance, the fact that normal drinking habits can help with cholesterol problems. Hypercholesterolemia causes blood to thicken and the artery walls to thicken, which finally means that the blood flow is hindered. Consequences are major, culminating in strokes, heart attacks, and even death. Since blood is mostly water at more than 80% – drinking a sufficient amount of water daily may prove to have healthful or at least alleviating effects on such conditions.

Relief of some psychological disorders

However, the relief of some psychological disorders also proves the importance of drinking water. Some mental conditions, such as anxiety, depression or stress, are linked to the physical and chemical state of the brain. If the brain is severely dehydrated, then it’s no wonder such disorders appear, mostly if we think that we tend to replace water or at least some of the recommended daily amount with coffee, soda or tea. Irrespective of the fact that such beverages do not have the same hydrating potency as water, they also have a particular effect on organisms, inducing agitation and nervousness. Switching back to water can be an inspired measure.

Water is a spring of life

xtfghbjCountless other conditions are proven to be at least alleviated by drinking water in proper amounts, and there are many other situations in which the hidden culprit responsible for a certain condition is dehydration. Again, never understate the importance of drinking water!

Other benefits of drinking water includes
  • Controlling the body temperature,
  • It represents the basic ingredient of saliva,
  • It eases digestions speeding up the intestinal transit,
  • It has a great impact on metabolism.