Foods that Could ruin your Dental Health

white teeth

Eating can be one of the most delightful activities to do, especially when you have a big feast after a long day at work. But sometimes we forgot that certain particular foods could ruin your dental health, which can cause tooth decay, oral cancer, gum disease and many more. So what are the foods that could ruin your dental health? Here we have listed several foods that you can avoid to keep you away from the dentist’s office. The list range from candies and to energy drinks, so make sure you read this article.

Candies, sweets, and everything nicedessert

Hard candies, lollipops or chewing gum can be quite severe for your teeth; the sugar might cause tooth decay while also having a chance to have a broken or a chipped tooth. If you’re a sweet tooth and need to chew some gum, you might want to try sugarless gum or chewing gum with xylitol for better dental health.

Tip: always brush your teeth and floss daily, if you’re too lazy to floss make sure to check waterpik ultra water flosser as it can help you to floss easier.

citrusCitrus and oranges

Citrus and oranges can be quite dangerous as they can be acidic for your teeth. Having too much of those sour foods can cause your teeth more susceptible to decay over time. Avoid having too much orange or citrus juice and opt for plain water instead, the safest choice in the beverages section.

Tip: if plain water bores you, you might want to try infused water with various fruits to choose, not just with lemon.

Ice cubes

Although ice cubes are made out of the regular water, they are not meant for chewing. Chewing on hard substances like ice cubes can cause your tooth to be vulnerable while thinning your enamel at the same time, which is something you wouldn’t want. There is no tip or shortcut as the only way to do is to break the habit and starts drinking water in its liquid form.

Sticky foodssticky foods

Dried fruits, marshmallows, or trail mix is another food that can put a dent in your dental health. A simple explanation for how the foods ruin your dental health is because it sticks longer to your teeth, creating a perfect place for bacteria and germs to grow, so make sure you rinse off your mouth with mouthwash after you eat sticky foods. Flossing will help a lot as it can get into every nooks and cranny where a toothbrush couldn’t reach.